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Carmela Gomez

Carmela Gomez Majorca...I am qualified Lawyer I had come to a crossroads I'm my life not knowing what route to take as our firm had decided to close down. A friend told me about Sarb who had been to see her and felt Sarb had a gift to help uplift and touch people's hearts and lives. One session with Sarb turned my whole life around all for the good

Carmela Gomez 9th January 2018

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Razana Ahamed

Razana Ahamed Walsall.. A friend mentioned Sarbjit to my brother who had a pace maker put in but was getting lots of pains and sleepless nights. I watched sarbjit give my brother healing, being a Muslim we don't believe in such gift. When she finished my brothers appearance of his face changed. He seemed relaxed and pain free, I then asked Sarbjit if she could heal my back pain. I was so shocked I couldn't stop repeating ( where's my pain gone ). Since that day we have recommended Sarbjit to our family and friends. Not many things shock me but Sarbjit's gift and work is very shocking. She is a god send who is very humble that takes no credit for helping others.. May Allah bless her.

Razana Ahamed 9th January 2018

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Jonathon Nottingham

Jonathon Nottingham.... I had 7 failed relationships and could not understand as to why my relationships were falling apart, my friend James took me to see Sarb, she straight away knew the root of my issues with my father when I was young, I don't feel I have sobbed so much like a little boy as I did that day. Touch wood since that day my wife and I were able to work things out. After 5 years we are still going strong. Thank you Sarb for your help of cutting the ties that was binding me to my past that stopped me from moving forward.

Jonathon Nottingham 9th January 2018

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Pavel o’gray

Pavel o'gray ... I was fed up from life, nothing was going right for me. I was involved in a car accident about 4 years ago. The doctors told me I had to live with pain in my left leg for the rest of my life. I started taking drugs and alcohol to forget the pain. The more drugs I took the more broke I became. I was a business man who had lost everything. I was not sure when I went to see Sarb after recommendation. Soon as I saw her I don't know what happened to me. I felt shoots of Energy flowing around my whole body. She was very polite humble none judgemental. She made me feel so at ease that I was telling her things I never tell anyone. I realised that day that I do not need any kind of substance. She helped me to inner connect with the real me not what others expect me to be. It's only been a few years but I still have the ability to say no thank you to drugs and alcohol. If it was not for Sarb I may not have been around to share this experience.

Pavel o'gray 9th January 2018