Spain Retreat with Sarbjit Basra

I take groups or individual people , you can fly out where you will be met and taken to your accommodation. It’s very energetic and powerful to meditate on the beach whilst the sun is rising. Being near the sea clears the aura. You will be taken to a mud bath. The water may seem cold when you first enter it but the heat from the bottom compensates the warmth. This healing place comes up to waist height. You soak into the water that has healed so many different diseases as it has healing powers. You cover your self in mud, let it dry then walk Accross to the Mediterranean Sea and wash off the mud witch is opposite each other. There are many benefits from having a soak in this healing mud bath.
you will get the opportunity to soak in the pink lagoon full of thick salt crystals. This is very healing to the body, it’s like Epsom salt but much more. The pink lagoon has many healing abilities, there is black salty mud here as well as the chunky natural salt. A soak in this lagoon is a must.

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