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Kamal Lilly

Kamal Lilly Leicester I went to see sarbjit when a friend told me she felt good and better after having seen sarbjit. The doctors had put cameras inside me , they could not find anything according to them wrong with me. I would stay up most nights in Agony. A few sessions with sarbjit she put her hands on the bottom of my feet and works with the Cosmic Energy. Since that day 6 years later my pain that the doctors could not identify has not returned. After having trust and reinsurance from sarbjit I took my husband who could not sleep at night who is perfectly well thanks to Sarbjit who is very caring and really wants to fix you up so that we can get more from life to live a healthy happy life. We are lucky to have her in Leicester.

Kamal Lilly 8th January 2018

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Jas dhillon

Jas dhillon.... Vancouver.. I was depressed for many years taking lots of medication, no one wanting to know the root of my depression. Sarb was visiting Vancouver therefore I was fortunate to be able to have healing from her. It has been almost 4 years since my depression set me free... Sarb is an Angel who has others needs at heart. She is so passionate about helping others.

Jas dhillon 8th January 2018

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Anne Derby

Anne Derby Basingstoke my 2 year old daughter used to feel scared and frightened, we struggled to get her to drink and eat. I remember holding my daughter in my arms as sarbjit gave about 5 minutes healing to my daughter. Soon as Sarbjit finished my daughter grabbed her milk bottle from my hand and started drinking it. From a thin tiny baby my daughter started putting on weight and stopped being scared. Sarbjit is a miracle person and I am very thankful to her.

Anne Derby 9th January 2018

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A Jewish

I am a Jewish person from Golders Green I have everything a beautiful wife children money big house everything money can buy but I was not happy, something inside was always missing. Everyone else saw me as a perfect person with everything. I used to lie in bed not being able to sleep something eating at me. One of my buyers from Leicester told me about a person in Leicester who had a gift to help others. My buyer went to see her when through many personal problems his shoulder started to drop on one side, I don't know how but his shoulder looked normal . He bought this lovely kind well spoken lady to my house. I took her outside my house and pointed to the prestige cars parked.( I would give all this up if only I can have a good night sleep ). She smiled and said " you can keep all this and still have a Good night sleep". She was very right. She asked me to close my eyes and some how fixed my inner connection with my outer connection. My wife was very shocked within 15 minutes my face looked different and I was relaxed and smiling. I don't usually believe in any of this, I was desperate to start living again and thanks to this young lady she did some miracle where now I feel happy and content. She was right I did not have to give anything up. In fact I have gained more by meeting her. Also a big thanks to my buyer from Leicester if it was not for him I may still be suffering in silence

A Jewish 9th January 2018

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Angela jevons

Angela jevons.. Los Angeles I met Sarbjit having breakfast at a hotel in Mumbai, my father took me to India my first visit to the country as my long term relationship had just ended. Sarbjit helped me off load a lot of excessive heartache abuse and pain I was carrying around. I was Amazed with her expertise to how quickly I felt light and ready to get back home and start living again. I am a qualified Doctor and it proved to me how being a professional we put our self last

Angela jevons 9th January 2018