About sarbjit basra

Sarbjit Basra

I grew up in a family like the waltons, we were a large family. Both my parents were uneducated. My own family never really understood me or my purpose on this earth, they still have no idea. Remember we are three people.. The one we think we are.. The one others think we are..and the one we really are.. I try my best to work with no Religion or Politics, if I was to have a religion it would be Love.. The language of the Heart. What is more important to me is to be Kind Considerate understanding and none judgement. I am very passionate about uplifting and helping anyone who may allow me to help them to help themselves. I am not the Doer I am an empty vessel where the universe uses my body to work through.
I love and respect the whole universe and its creation as we are all one. We are all Atoms ( Energy ). Please kindly remember that I am an instrument and not the Doer. The universe will give each person what they need, even if it was not to show for another six months. Soon as I am guided into anyone’s life

their life will start to unfold only good for their highest good. I have no idea as to what the universe has in store for anyone, however all I do know is that each person so far has gained whether it being health wealth happiness or what ever was lacking at the time of need. My work comes direct from the Great Divine universe, which is good and only good. It’s a direct connection between the universe and you, I am no more than an instrument. I am very lucky Fortunate and Blessed to be on this Earth with a Gift that cannot be Described or Explained. All I know is that I wish to hold your hand and tell you ” it’s going to be alright” or to wipe your tears away. The rest is done by the universe. I love everyone as we are all one. I love Mother Earth and everything we are so blessed with. Our health is our wealth.


My weakness is being advised by mankind , yet I have full faith and trust in the supreme divine universe. I have sat and cried so many tears with everything that is happening all around us. Real families no longer have love or respect for one another. People are very quick to judge one another. Innocent people dying who may not want to die because of our leaders who are controlling this so called power. Why can they not inner connect to feel and realise that we come into this world naked with nothing ( with no name clothes religion ). We also leave this world with nothing, even our bodies are no more than a rental accommodation, loaned to us for a certain period of time before we turn into dust. There is nothing in this universe that does not have a sell by date. So why all these wars robbing and killings. The truth is that we are Supreme divine love and light, we are all connected along with this whole universe. Example our body is one, yet it has many different organs and parts, can we really dislike hate judge or Separate ourself from any organs or parts of our body. No we cannot say to our eyes nose legs or any parts of our body that I dislike resent or hate you. So why do we do that to others around when we are all connected as one ( Energy ). Yes I cry for these reasons, we are so blessed with so much beauty all around us yet we are not happy or content. We forget to love respect and show gratitude. Life is very short yet very precious. Why waste a moment living in the past resenting blaming or doing anything that serves us no purpose for our highest good, or the good for others. There is good in everyone and everything, yet we choose to focus only on what we feel and choose to be negative thoughts that come from our own thinking concept. What gives us the right to be a judge and jury towards another. We should learn to have an open mind. See good in everything and everyone. Try to be more humble Kind consider and understanding. Give others the benefit of our doubts. Try not to be insecure as insecurity is a killer of relationships. Always remember we own nothing in this world so try not to control or judge other people , whilst trying to control or judge others we are forgetting to live our own lives. Our lives are short as it is. Learn to love from the heart within. Not lustful worldly love with a beginning and an ending, but pure divine spiritual love that is eternal. If we love deep from within then we begin to see and feel only good. If we are fortunate enough to have anything more than others then let’s learn to share, as we all know that nothing is going to go with us the day we leave this world. I see and experience family and friends formed into little groups, judging and excluding others with their own thinking concepts. Have they ever taken a moment or taken others thoughts into consideration to how excluded hurt or painful it must be for them to not get invited to gatherings. We are very wrong to form these groups where we are leaving other people out. One day when we leave this earth , we will be standing all alone on our own having to answer for all our actions towards everything and everyone. Guess what there will be no family or friends there beside us to take some of the blame if we have judged wronged or hurt anyone intentionally. This will happen on judgement day to each and everyone of us. Pleas put other people’s feelings into consideration when anyone around try to judge or exclude anyone out. Stand up to them and remind them that it is very wrong to think bad or to judge anyone as everyone has good points in them. Just because one person decides for what ever their own issues may be that they have not dealt with, don’t try and find our own fault in others. We have a lot of demons inside our selves, no one else is our enemy, as we are our own worst enemy at times. However for some it’s easier to blame others than to be true and honest to our self and that is called Ego. Although I’m not judging I come Accross lots of people who choose not to let their ego go. Do we gain anything from allowing our ego to guide and over power us. No we do not, in fact ego can and will ruin our personality and serves us no purpose for our spiritual growth. Ego can never go side by side with spirituality. If we cannot change others then set an example. Become more loving kind considerate understanding giving forgiving and non judgmental. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to help another unconditionally and selflessly, not just for our family or friends but for anyone and everyone. Be the change we wish to see. Let’s hold our hands together as spiritual brothers and sisters to become together as one unity. Let’s put an end to war’s and sufferings. Make this world a better place by showing Gratitude and appreciating everything and everyone we are so blessed to have in our lives. Our health is our wealth. Service to man is service to god ( Universe ). Hands that help are holier than the lips that pray. Help ever hurt never. Next time someone comes to us to speak wrong about anything or anyone please kindly put them on a spiritual path, where they will gain more peace joy and harmony. Life will become more beautiful once we change our thinking concept to being more positive grateful happy and content.


I am very passionate and appreciate this Gift I have been Blessed with. Time and time I remind the universe ( The day I abuse this gift I have been blessed with is for them to take it away from me ). I live breathe sleep eat to uplift help and to touch someone’s heart or life. Each time someone comes to me or I go to them I thank my bosses up above ( universe ) for giving me this seva service to help someone, not to judge or break but to fix and make. Service to man is service to God ( universe ). So yes I’m very passionate to take my time and find the root to the cause of someone’s illness heartache pain or what ever reasons so that the roots are taken away for it not to occur again. I live each moment looking forward to be able to make a change in another’s life. I am passionate about making a difference. Everything about me has to be different because nothing is about me, it’s all about you to take away your tears or pain.


Uniqueness being truthful to one”s self is very important to me. ….. I live each moment and day trying my best to be true to my self, if and if unintentionally I may end up hurting anyone I do not feel right or Good therefore I am very eager to put things right unless the other person for their own person reasons wish to have nothing to do with me then I wish wish them peace joy health harmony all the good thoughts. One thing I have noticed there are only about a handful of personalities with each and everyone around us. One moment someone can feel ” wow I love this person, they are my best friend family, I wish to spend each moment seeing to speaking to them. Then suddenly their thinking concept changes where they no longer wish to speak or see you anymore. Always remember if we are honest and sincere then the test was for them and not for us. I love each and everyone and everything from the bottom of my heart. My love comes from deep with in, it’s selfless and unconditional however my love at times may be detached. Detached love is very powerful and strong, as there are no conditions expectations or strings attached to this type of love. What you see with me is all that I am.


I am two people, Business ( to earn my own money to help those in need ). Spiritual ( to be able to touch another’s heart or life, to uplift them so they can get more from life, to make better good changes in their situations or circumstances). Unfortunately there is nothing third about me as I am mainly and mostly spiritual Energy. My whole purpose on this earth is for what I am here for. When I was young I used to go to the corner shop for the elderly people who lived near our house and buy things for them. Those corner shops sold only limited items not like big supermarkets today. So as far back as I can remember it was service to man, service to god. Let’s talk about God, for me personally we are all God, our body is a Temple of living God. Atma (Soul ) Paramatma ( God ). We can search the whole universe we cannot find God however soon as we close our eyes and inner connect with our Energy (Soul ). We see God because we are God but we don’t do Godly things as we have become a prisoner in our body and a slave to our Desires. We should be the master of our monkey mind and of our desires. I spend hours in meditation, I also teach meditation. To a group or one to one. I am nothing but Energy ( Atoms ). Everything and everyone is connected. The whole universe is Energy and only Spiritual Energy.