When any one of our chakras have a blockage due to our thoughts emotions and situations, we cannot function properly. We can feel tired restless fed up confused illness can start to take effect depression can overcome us. Our finances will start drying up. It is very important that our chakras are cleansed and operating fully for us to get more from life. We do have a choice to be happy by changing our thinking concept. Once we are happy and content life becomes much more beautiful and easy to live it through our up’s and down’s. No one and nothing then can have an impact on us. The crystal healing bath will unblock all your chakras. You lie under the crystals for half an hour, whilst it radiates Energy and the right colour into the right chakra. You will feel very clear in your head and feel energised, ready and geared to tackle anything.

Do you feel tired?

Do you feel fed-up?

Do you have problem sleeping?

Do you feel lethargic?

Do you have health issues?

Do you feel you are at a cross road where nothing is working out?

COME and HAVE a few Sessions on our CRYSTAL HEALING BATH.

“Natural Crystals and Lights with No Side Effects”

It will unblock and cleanse all your chakras It will cleanse your Aura

It will bring out the best in you

It will help you to see your life much clearer

It will help you with your sleep

It will energise you


About Sarbjit Basra

Sarbjit Basra

I grew up in a family like the waltons, we were a large family. Both my parents were uneducated. My own family never really understood me or my purpose on this earth, they still have no idea. Remember we are three people.. The one we think we are.. The one others think we are..and the one we really are.. I try my best to work with no Religion or Politics, if I was to have a religion it would be Love.. The language of the Heart. What is more important to me is to be Kind Considerate understanding and none judgement. I am very passionate about uplifting and helping anyone who may allow me to help them to help themselves. I am not the Doer I am an empty vessel where the universe uses my body to work through. I love and respect the whole universe and its creation as we are all one. We are all Atoms ( Energy ). Please kindly remember that I am an instrument and not the Doer. The universe will give each person what they need, even if it was not to show for another six months. Soon as I am guided into anyone’s life

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Why Choose Us on your Spiritual Trip

Benefits from my spiritual trips. I will teach everyone to work with the Cosmic Energy, with this energy you can unblock your blockages and give our body parts extra Cosmic Energy when required. Teach to meditate, so that we can go inwards to reconnect with our inner self (soul ) .this is when we should get a lot of answers for our purpose in this life and to move forward.what ever it is that we may be searching for. To shut our selves away from our regular routine and to be away from everything will help to absorb spirituality to inner connect with our higher self ( soul ) . This is one of my gifts .while you are away the connection will be you with your inner higher self. You will identify your self from a deeper level. Remember we are three people. The one others think we are. The one we think we are. During these trips you will discover who you really are. When we are young our parents mould us telling us if our likes and dislikes, then we meet our friends and our partners who also mould us, so all along the way we have never found our self as we have tried to fit in being fifty different characters per day. I will work with each one to the best of my ability, although the universe will give each person what they need that may have been lacking. I’m just an instrument for the universe to help others through. I take this gift very seriously with appreciation and gratitude.

Experiences of People seen by Sarbjit

“Jas dhillon…. Vancouver.. I was depressed for many years taking lots of medication, no one wanting to know the root of my depression. Sarb was visiting Vancouver therefore I was fortunate to be able to have healing from her. It has been almost 4 years since my depression set me free… .

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“Kamal Lilly Leicester I went to see sarbjit when a friend told me she felt good and better after having seen sarbjit. The doctors had put cameras inside me , they could not find anything according to them wrong with me. I would stay up most nights in Agony.
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